Welcome! Romanycaravan Company is a producer of fine home decor night lights, heavily influenced by the past. Our goal is to fuse rustic industrial chic with vintage retro advertising art from the 20’s through the 60’s. The past is blended with our vintage style lights, both; finely upcycled and repurposed. We marry these images with recycled hardware and a sophisticated range of finishes, making them extremely decor friendly. “Art For The Explorer” is the what & to whom- we’re trying to reach.

Luggage labels, art nouveau, art deco, transportation, gas & oil and antique photos are just a few of the motifs we will be exploring. In the coming months we will begin to add additional mediums and exciting product lines. Please stay tuned to RomanyCaravan Company! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to make contact. Thank you for stopping by.

Warmest Wishes,