When using electrical products, basic precautions should always be followed including the following:

  1. International customers, the light you’re about to purchase runs off American 110 current unless you live in America or Canada, you WILL need a “voltage Converter” in order to operate this device. There are many voltage/power converters on the market. Please select carefully. RomanyCaravan LLC takes no responsibility and will not be held liable with regard to selecting the wrong voltage/power converter for your international needs. Please have end seller/manufacturer of these devices to council you in proper selection. There are many quality units to choose from.
  2. This is a UL approved power cord. However, never use cord outdoors, or expose to the elements.
  3. Do not mount or place near gas or electric heaters, fireplace, candles or similar sources of heat.
  4. Do not secure the wiring of the product with staples or nails, or place on sharp hooks or nails.
  5. Do not let lamps rest on the supplied cord or on any wire.
  6. Unplug the cord when leaving the house, or if left unattended.
  7. This is an electric product, not a toy! To avoid risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electric shock- it should not be played with or placed where small children can reach it.
  8. Do not use this product for other than its intended use.
  9. Do not hang objects from cord, wire, or light string.
  10. Do not close doors or windows on the product or extension cords as this may damage wire insulation.
  11. Do not cover the product with cloth, paper or any material not part of the product when in use.
  12. Do not place the product against carpeting, furniture, any fabric, or your home vinyl siding when in use.
  13. This product has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) as a feature to reduce the risk of electric shock. This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit in the outlet, turn the plug over and re-insert. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not use the with an extension cord unless plug can be fully inserted. Do not alter or replace the plug.
  14. This product employs overload protection (fuse). A blown fuse indicates an overload or short-circuit condition. If the fuse blown, unplug the product from the outlet. Also unplug any additional strings or products that may be attached to the product. Replace the fuse as per the “user servicing instructions” on reverse of this card. Follow product marking for proper fuse proper fuse rating. If the replacement fuse blows, a short circuit may be present and the product should be discarded.

Use & Care Instructions:

  1. Before using or reusing, inspect product carefully. Discard any products that have been cut, damaged, or show frayed wire insulation, cracks; loose connections or exposed copper wire. Cord should always be free of defects.
  2. When storing the product, carefully remove bulb and wire harness from the ‘light box’ it’s clipped within in order to avoid any undue strain or stress on the product connectors, connections, and wires.
  3. When not in use, store neatly in a cool, dry location protected from sunlight.
  5. CAUTION: Replace only with same type 5 watt Max Candelabra Base UL Classified Lamps.
  6. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire do not deliberately re position either Lamp holder contact.

I agree to hold RomanyCaravan LLC blameless in careless use of this powercord. I hold RomanyCaravan LLC blameless in any defect discovered involving the power cord & bulb assembly.  RomanyCaravan LLC is blameless in terms of the repercussions of operating the power cord & bulb assembly which may be defective. RomanyCaravan LLC is not the manufacturer of the UL approved power cord & bulb assembly.


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